about startupMngr

about startupMngr

As a first time people manager at a tech startup, I’ve made countless mistakes. Because of my actions, team members have quit, projects have failed to meet deadlines, and efforts have gone to waste. I attribute much of this as a result of the trial and error approach I took to get leadership right. Fact is, most start-up companies can’t afford to mentor or coach first-time managers, so we’re left on our own to figure it out. I’ve thus learned the hard way that even with all the ambition, intelligence, and will power in the world, experience is irreplaceable.

By exposing all the lessons I learned, I hope to help fellow startup managers get a head start by leading from insight rather than trial and error.

This blog aims to reach middle managers at startup companies, not founders. There’s already a ton of resources out there for founders around starting, growing, and selling/IPOing companies – this blog does not address any of that. Instead, it explores tips and tactics to help implement and execute the company vision and strategy. Why is this important? Because I believe that success is 99% execution, and middle level managers lead execution.

This blog is dedicated to my team members, who often acted as guinea pigs in my attempt to lead. Thank you for being so ever patient and forgiving.

Cheers, Blake